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We specialize in acquiring distressed real estate (non-performing) loans and performing loans that make it a win-win-win for the seller, home owner, and Investor.


What if you could invest in real estate for pennies on the dollar? An estimated 9 million non-performing notes in the U.S. is a great opportunity to do just that.


With as little as $10,000, put your money to work over multiple notes lowering risk and increasing cash event opportunities.


Very simple, earn 8%-12% on fully qualified loans secured with low loan to value first trust deeds.

About Us

Making Property Dealing Easy & Happier

Silver Hammer Investments, LLC is a Texas based real estate investment firm specializing in buying and selling distressed debt.

Our strategy is to purchase this mortgage debt at a fraction of current value (50% or less) and either negotiate with the home owner to turn the loan back into a performing mortgage or take control of the property. Instead of rehabbing the property, our focus is to “rehab the borrower” and create a win, win, win scenario for our borrowers, the banks and our investors.

Expert Guidance

What if a property could be purchased for 50% of it’s value? There might be pretty good potential for profit wouldn’t you agree?

That’s exactly the case with non-performing loans (NPL’s for short). Our program allows you to tap into this massive and highly profitable segment of the real estate industry. Using our expertise and management, we buy notes at steep discounts and are able to generate above average returns for our lenders.

Case Studies

Lansing, Michigan


  Contract For Deed

  Investment $16,500

   Return on Investment $5757.70

   Investment Duration 36 months

   Annual Return 12%

Mansfield, Ohio


  Contract For Deed

  Investment $24,000

   Return on Investment $5,821.16

  Investment Duration 36 months

   Annual Return 8%

Kankakee, Illinois.


  Contract For Deed

  Investment $30,000

   Return on Investment $5015

  Investment Duration 36 months

   Annual Return 6%

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